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If you love gifting activities, Elite Activity is the best choice because:
A. They have tenure - Elite has been operating legally & successfully for over 9 years now - 6 years successfully online - over 300,000 participants.  In 2006 they were dragged through the court system and SURVIVED - they are legal & they have staying power. It is not and never has been illegal to send a gift to someone!
Visit our corporate website at http://EliteActivity.org
B.  Elite is not a company - it is an activity - a belief system. There is a $16.00/month fee for our online software which keeps perfect track of all gifting activity.  Elite is operating as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. They are Elite Activity Resurrected Church!


C. After your first gift of $100 you are automatically placed into the first cycle. Every gift you give after
     that comes out of gifts you receive. Once you invite at least 2 others you are eligible to continue
     through the cycles. ( See the Elite website for a graphic presentation of how the CYCLES work ).
1.  Gift $100 ONCE out-of-pocket. 8 people give you $100 = $800. Gift $250 to the next cycle. $100
     re-enters the 1st cycle. ( In this unique way the cycles are automatically repopulated ).
     You keep the remaining $450.  You have automatically entered CYCLE #2.
2.  You receive $250 from 8 people = $2000. Gift $500 to the next cycle. $250 re-enters this cycle.
     You keep $1250 for a total of $1700 ( $1250 plus the 1st $450 ).
3.  You receive $500 from 8 people - $4,000. Gift $1,000 to the next cycle. $500 re-enters the cycle.
     You keep $2,500 for a total of $4,200.
4.  You receive $1,000 from 8 people = $8,000. Gift $2,000 to the next cycle. $1,000 re-enters.
     You keep $5,000 for a total of $9,200.
5.  You receive $2,000 from 8 people = $16,000. Gift $4,000 to the next cycle. $2,000 re-enters.
     You keep $10,000 for a total of $19,200.
6.  You receive $4,000 from 8 people = $32,000. Gift $6,000 to the next cycle. $4,000 re-enters.
     You keep $22,000 for a total of $41,200.
7.  You receive $6,000 from 8 people = $48,000. Gift $6,000 back into the cycle and you keep
     $42,000 for a total of $83,200! Repeat cycles 1-7 over and over.....
All this for giving $100 out-of-pocket and sharing this activity with 2 others! All gifts are tax-free.

IMPORTANT: How can this be illegal or unethical?
Nothing is given to the activity. This is private, member-to-member gifting.
Every idea for income you can try depends on inviting more and more people to participate. 
Here's why:
Every inventive opportunity online or offline requires a marketing effort to attract clients or participants. Even with a regular business in a shopping center, people move away or change shopping habits. No business can survive or even continue to operate without inviting (advertising for) new clientele. That is not illegal or unethical.
Elite Activity is special because for very little initial cost, it empowers you to get free from debt & gain financial freedom. Show that way of financial freedom to others. It is not - and has never been - illegal to send a gift to anyone. With every gift, you receive a gifting statement declaring this is a gift with no expectation of anything in return. The IRS rules allow any individual to receive a one-time gift of up to $12,000 before requiring to report it. In this gifting activity no one ever receives more than $6,000 from any individual. 
Never has there been a better reason to start - so many people are suffering financially. Let's work together - start a team. Start a new lifestyle! It's the "Together Everyone Achieves More" principle that really works.
This will challenge you & inspire you - It will have your cup overflowing. I maxed out a credit card trying to learn internet marketing until I was invited into gifting.
Choose a new lifestyle. For me this is much more appealing than marketing MLM or affiliate programs I don't have any passion for................ Check it out for yourself - Get empowered. Learn all about Elite Activity.
Learn all about Elite Activity at:  www.eliteactivity.tv  
You will find this is a faith-based belief system, not a business you have to struggle to start, or that constantly drains your bank account. Read it all and understand it then contact me - I will invite you in & help you to get started right away.  Sign-up is FREE.

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